3-Ski Snow Sled

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  • Designed for excitement, built tough, and engineered for control and comfort, the Ski-Doo 3-Ski Snow Sled heightens the thrill of the downhill. The sturdy construction is anchored by a strong tubular aluminum frame, while the handlebars and 3 grooved skis foster steering and maneuverability. The sled is also equipped with a brake system and nonslip seat that promote controlled riding, and a suspension spring system that steadies sliding for a more comfortable experience. Finally, the sleek high-density polyethylene hood minimizes snow buildup, while the transparent windshield deflects wind and snow to enhance visibility and comfort. Comes with Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS UV-resistant decals and a tow leash to facilitate transportation uphill. For one person. Ages 6 and up. Measures 132 cm L x 51 cm W x 35.5 cm.. Weight capacity of up to 40 kg (88 lb).

  • Ski-Doo 3-Ski Snow Sled for single rider Sturdy design features a strong tubular aluminum frame, high-density polyethylene hood and transparent windshield Handlebars and 3 grooved skis enhance steering and maneuverability Brake system and non-slipping seat offer a controlled ride Suspension spring system ensures a steady and comfortable slide Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS UV resistant decals Tow leash to help transport uphill Easy assembly For ages 6 and up Dimensions: 52" L x 20" W x 14" H Weight: 5 lb Maximum weight capacity: 88 lb (40kg).