It is often said that the most important thing to avoid catching a cold is to cover your extremities! All snowmobile riders know that high-quality boots are an essential item for keeping their feet warm.

During a trip, you will be confronted to all the natural elements: Wind, snow, and even ice and slush. Snowmobile boots at Maximum Powersports offer optimal protection against cold and humidity by helping you stay dry throughout your adventures.

Our snowmobile accessories store at Hawkesbury, not far from Prescott and Russell, offer you models from well-known brands. You will find, among others, Ski-Doo, Taiga, as well as CKX and FXR boots.

Each of our products has characteristics designed to provide comfort and additional protection in all situations. Reinforced shoelaces, integrated insulation and waterproof membrane: Those are only a few of our snowmobile boots’ features.

They are designed to be both light and sturdy, with a reinforced sole for better resistance to wear. While on your snowmobile, you will be confronted to all sorts of situations. You will need durable footwear that can follow you wherever you go! Ours have resistant soles with plenty of grip. 

Moreover, our unisex boots accommodate all sizes and foot types. A system of straps, laces or tongues, allows you to adjust the boot to the shape of your foot or ankle. As a result, our boots offer optimal support in all circumstances, as much for your comfort as for your safety.

Our snow boots are also light and flexible. For snowmobile enthusiasts, comfort and agility are important characteristics! We want you to be able to enjoy every second of your getaway and even forget that you are wearing snowmobile boots.

To keep your feet warm and dry, we also have isothermal socks. By being both light and warm, they contribute to your comfort.

In addition, we offer socks and boots for both adults and children: Maximum Powersports dresses the whole family for the winter! Discover also our snowmobile jackets as well as our winter undergarments. Come and see us in store or check out our online store!