When the moment comes to race down the trails or get out of the beaten path with your snowmobile, the snowmobile helmet is a piece of equipment of utmost importance. You know already that it ensures both your safety and visibility. Yet, getting a high-quality helmet can make all the difference in terms of safety and performance!  

In winter, you surely will have to face some of the poorest visibility conditions. With snow blowing and falling, or freezing rain, a helmet that enhances your visibility will allow you to enjoy every moment under all circumstances.

That’s why Maximum Powersports has superior-quality models that integrate advanced technologies. With a helmet that contributes to your comfort and visibility, you can focus on just having fun! Check out our online inventory, or come and try our snowmobile helmets in Hawkesbury, close to Prescott and Russell.

We have several high-quality models from well-known brands such as CKX, BV2S and Oxygen. These are both light and comfortable, and they ensure optimal protection for your head and neck. You will have nothing to worry about and you can enjoy your day on your Ski-Doo with peace of mind!

Moreover, our helmets are designed to keep your head warm. Are you looking for additional comfort? Try our heated helmets: You will definitely be won over! With this technology, you will never wonder whether or not to go on a ride, even when the temperature is at its lowest!

For that matter, at all times our breath deflector system prevents the shield from fogging up, namely with such features as the double visor

Our modular helmets are available in different shell and EPS sizes. This way, we are sure to have the right snowmobile helmet for you!

Whether for men or women, and regardless of your Ski-Doo getaway, on the trail, off-trail or in the mountain, we have everything you need.

Moreover, we also have several models of snowmobile gloves and snowmobile bibs! Have a look at our snowmobile accessories store: You will not be disappointed. We have everything for everyone. If you need help or advice, our experienced team is available for you!