Handlebars & Mirrors

If you need ATV and MTB accessories, you will find everything you need at Maximum Powersports! No matter if you are looking to improve your vehicle or bicycle, maintain it or find the right items of clothing for your outings, we have everything you need.

Shop for accessories online or come and meet with us in person in Hawkesbury, close to Prescott and Russell.

If you have an ATV, you probably want to take great care of it. If you like to do maintenance on your own, we have everything you need to do so:

  • Oil
  • Tools
  • Filters
  • Cleaning kits
  • Oil change kits
  • And so much more!

We also offer a vast selection of ATV or MTB parts, including mechanical parts like brake pads or other parts like seats, materials for the winch, etc. We also have everything you need to improve your comfort on board.

Our accessories will allow you to modify, maintain and even repair your ATV or bicycle at home. For example, you might want to purchase a better suspension or higher-quality joints. Protection equipment is also available, including bumpers and windshields.

Do you need more advice regarding maintenance or replacement parts for your ATV? Our team of passionate experts is here to help with whatever you need. We can also suggest the best products for you.

We also have all you need for you to optimize your experience with accessories like a cellphone holder for your bicycle or a bag for your bike so that you can carry all of your gear.

Among our accessories for ATVs, you will find all you need for your protection, including various different ATV helmet models, along with:

  • Gloves
  • Body armor / protection
  • Protection for your knees or elbows
  • Protection for your neck
  • Goggle / Glasses

Moreover, we also have maintenance products, including some that can make your helmet shine!

Our bicycle accessories will allow you to be fully equipped for any adventure. This is why we also offer a wide selection of clothing items.

Maximum Powersports will dress you from head to toe with boots, ATV pants, along with jackets and jerseys. We even have baseball caps and hats, and clothes for daily use from your favorite brands.

Shop now for your next ATV accessories online and take advantage of free delivery on orders of $ 150 or more. With Maximum Powersports, we truly take your satisfaction to heart, no matter if it is online or in person. And quality is always guaranteed!