Snowflaps & Ice Scratchers

As a snowmobile rider, your snowmobile is close to your heart, and you want to take good care of your machine? When it comes to upgrading, repairing or maintaining your snowmobile, snowmobile accessories allow you to keep your vehicle just like new for many years.

At Maximum Powersports, you will find all you need in terms of snowmobile accessories. Our store located in Hawkesbury, close to Prescott and Russell, will allow you to shop online or comfortably on site, depending on what you prefer.

You want to repair your Ski-Doo, replace or add parts? We have at your disposal various accessories designed to enhance your experience. For example, you could upgrade the towing capacity of your motorized winter sport vehicle with a drawbar, hitch, winch and others.

We also have what you need to reinforce your frame, bumper or windshield with numerous other accessories for bodywork protection. Whether you are looking to add or replace snowmobile equipment, we have models of different dimensions designed to suit a wide variety of snowmobiles!

You want to equip your snowmobile with LED lighting for enhanced visibility that is more than ever optimized? We have all you need, whether working, handguards or auxiliary lights.

Gadgets, electric or electronic tools, maintenance equipment, handlebars, controls, mirrors: We have a whole inventory of snowmobile accessories. You would like to have sleds, for your sport vehicle with caterpillar tracks to travel over snow? We also have some of these!

Finally, you will find everything you need to maintain your snowmobile and keep it in good condition. Waterproof covers will allow you to keep your vehicle safe from bad weather and avoid damaging the parts. Likewise, we have snow flaps, ice scratchers and much more.

We even thought about you with products focused on comfort, like footrests, kneepads and comfortable backrests for you and your passenger.

Not only do we have a large number of snowmobile accessories, but they are also all of the highest quality. Do you also need quality snowmobile clothing? Or a comfortable snowmobile helmet? We have all that, and much more for you.

Come and meet us in store or do your shopping online. Our experts will be there to assist you if needed.