Life jackets are a must for any nautical sports or adventures. If you are looking for a model that not only ensures your safety, but that is also durable and stylish, then you have come to the right place.

Discover our wide selection in Hawkesbury, close to Prescott and Russell. We offer renowned brands with several different life jacket models for everyone.

Among other things, we have a wide selection of Sea-Doo life jackets, with models everyone will love!

They come in different designs that are adapted to your preferences. You will also find environmentally-friendly models with foam made from biocompounds or more versatile models with loads of pockets.

On top of our Sea-Doo models, we also have a few Kawasaki life jackets, which are specially designed to make them comfortable and easy to move in at all times.

Inflatable or Foam Models

Among the models we have in inventory, you will find several foam ones, but also a few inflatable life jackets as well. These are sold in packs of 4, are compact in size and come with an easy to carry well-ventilated bag.

When it comes to our foam jackets, they offer excellent protection from hypothermia. Ideal for nautical sports like your personal watercraft, these models are both comfortable and versatile!

If needed, our team is here to guide you toward the best type of life jacket according to your needs and specific activities. The Maximum Powersports team has all of the necessary experience to guide you with customized advice.

Life jackets that are adapted to your body type

If a life jacket is not adapted to your size, then it is useless! This is why we offer models in a wide range of sizes. We have models from XS to XXXL, which means we have a wide selection of models that will be suitable to each and every one of our clients!

Moreover, we have unisex life jackets, which are suitable to both men and women. They are designed to adapt to your body type and not only guarantee your safety, but also a maximum of comfort. Our models are easily adjustable and are specially made for your comfort, and for you to be able to move freely.

Do you want to bring your kids with you? No problem! We also have life jackets for kids, ensuring their safety as well.
With features like stretchy fabric panels and split paneling, you can enjoy your nautical sports without having to worry about what you are wearing, no matter if you are sitting or standing.

For a maximum of comfort and amenities, you should also take a look at our Sea-Doo accessories.

Resistant and durable

Our life jackets from brands like Sea-Doo and Kawasaki offer outstanding quality. Thanks to resistant and durable materials, they will allow you to go about your activities on the water while ensuring your safety for years to come.

We know that some materials, fabrics and colors can deteriorate or be damaged due to exposure to water, salt and other natural elements. This is why we are proud to offer models from brands that are known for the high-quality of their products, which are made from durable materials.

Find out more about what each model has to offer by taking a look at our products’ sheets!
No matter if you prefer a timeless design or a colorful life jacket, we have stunning and modern models. Blue, turquoise, green, pink, orange, whatever! We have something for everyone!

Are you ready for your next nautical adventure? Shop for your next model online or come and try it out in person. Delivery is free on all orders over $ 150! With Maximum Powersports, you will find everything you need!