Product Code: N/A
  • Exceptional protection and value

    • Independently tested in the lab and on pilots;┬áproven to reduce forces on the neck and the risk of neck injury by dissipating impact energy in a crash away from the fragile bones of the neck
      • up to 89% reduction in the risk of critical trauma to the cervical spine
      • collarbone injuries up to 45% more likely without a neck brace
    • Collarbone cutout designed to keep the brim of the helmet away from your most fragile bones
    • Polymer matrix support ensuring a very effective reduction of the forces exerted on the neck
    • Support around the helmet optimally designed to redistribute the forces exerted on the neck and to provide the helmet with good freedom of movement
    • CoreFlex collapsible rear thoracic support, split to increase comfort by following the body's natural movements, and designed to release before excessive pressure can be applied to the back
    • Sculpted crotch front for added comfort and better fit
    • Ribbed padding to optimize air circulation
    • Tested and certified as personal protective equipment according to CE 89/686/EEC
    • Weight: 497g (1.1 lbs)