LEATT Off-Road Helmet 7.5 V23 – Included Goggle

Product Code: 481f5055-4ebb-154d-0bc3-cc80a1c26c9f
    • Injected polymer compound shell in three sizes
    • Brain injury reduction technology
    • Reduces forces associated with concussion
    • 4 densities of impact foam for reduction of forces to head and brain
    • Large ventilation channels to keel your head cool even at lower speeds
    • X-Static® Inner liner is washable, breathable and has moisture wicking anti-odor fabric
    • Designed to offer great neck brace mobility
    • Visor has breakaway function to reduce forces to head and neck in a crash
    • Emergency cheek pad removal
    • Hydration side port (with optional hands-free kit)
    • 360° turbine technology
      • Reduced peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at impact speeds associated with concussion
      • Reduces peak brain rotational acceleration by up to 40%
    • Certified and tested: DOT+ECE 22.06