LinQ Slim Waterproof Tunnel Bag – 26 L


Product Code: 860202451
  • The LinQ Slim Waterproof Tunnel Bag provides riders with extra storage space. The tunnel bag is fully waterproof with inner roll top included, and offers 16 to 26 liter (4.2 to 6.9 US gallons, 976 to 1,587 cu in) capacity. Moreover, your assembled shovel can be stored on top of the bag and allows storage of removable snow flaps.

  • Rigid bottom and top design. Allows storage of removable snow flap. Waterproof inner roll top. Shovel can be stored while assembled on top of the bag. 16 to 26 liter (4.2 to 22 US gallons, 976 to 5,004 cu in) capacity. Fit on the tunnel in positions 1 & 2 and 2 & 3.

    REV Gen5, Summit Neo, REV Gen4 137" and longer