Mini Snow Sled

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  • The Ski-Doo Mini Snow Sled for single rider designed with a rodeo-style front handle will have you joyfully exclaiming yeehaw all the way down the hill. The handle is perfectly centered for enhanced steering and control, and the textured seat keeps your fanny gripped to the sled. Made of high-density durable plastic, the sled is compact and surprisingly lightweight at only 1.6 kg despite its sturdy construction, making it easy for a child to carry uphill. The feet-first design facilitates slowing down or stopping using your feet. For ages 6 and up. Measures 56 cm L x 34 cm W x 38 cm H. Weight capacity of up to 75 kg (165 lb).

  • Mini Ski-Doo Snow Sled for single rider High-density durable plastic construction Compact, lightweight and easy to carry uphill Centered handle for enhanced steering and control Textured seat for extra grip Safe feet-first design to easily slow down or stop using feet For ages 6 and up Dimensions: 22" L x 13 ½" W x 15" H Weight: 3.5 lb Maximum weight capacity: 165 lb