Muc-Off Spray anti-odor 250 ml


Product Code: 184289
    • Triple effect odor remover using SILVERPLUS® silver ion technology
    • Effective against odor caused by bacteria for functional freshness
    • Suitable and safe to use on most riding equipment and textiles (technical, sportswear, socks, shoes, body armour, pads, body armour and gloves made from textile or leather)
    • Suitable to use on leather/suede/cotton/polycotton/softshell/technical fabrics/synthetics*
    • Gentle on fabrics and skin when dry
    • Provides freshness for up to 10 washes
    • Perfect for staying clean and fresh during periods of intense activity such as multi-day bike park sessions, or adventure races when it’s harder to wash your kit
    • Easy to use spray on application in a 250ml spray bottle

    *Check with equipment manufacturer care instructions before use.