Neoprene Gloves


Product Code: Gants en Néoprène
  • Say goodbye to calluses when you protect your hands with Sea-Doo neoprene gloves. UV protection is built right into the gloves' neoprene and nylon blend, protecting your skin from sun damage. Highly stretchable and waterproof, these comfortable gloves ensure maximum mobility. Enjoy exceptional grip thanks to the rubberized print on the palms, ensuring that no slippage will disturb your pleasure.

    • 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon.
    • UV protection.
    • Super stretchy materials for superior comfort and dexterity.
    • Non-slip rubberized pattern palms.
    • Preformed fingers.
  • Descriptions: - 1.5mm Neoprene Gloves for cold weathers. Features and technologies: - 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon. - UV protection. - Super stretch material for superior comfort and mobility. - Anti-slip rubberized print at palms. - Pre-shaped fingers.