Oxford Products Aquatex Waterproof Motorcycle Cover


Product Code: 03209290-a8e9-68ec-71ee-d6bc4eb34e2e
  • The Oxford Aquatex is THE essential motorcycle/scooter cover. As you would expect from the world's best-selling motorcycle cover it comes packed with useful features and is built to last.

    Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, it offers protection against rain and dust.

    Key Features

    • Double-stitched polyester for strength and durability
    • Complete exterior and interior protection - can be used both as an outdoor rain cover and an indoor dust cover
    • An elasticated base with a belly strap creates a snug and secure fit
    • Comes with a zipped carrier, to store away compactly when not in use
    • Strong but lightweight material is UV resistant, so does not degrade in sunlight
    • Double PU coating for optimal waterproofing

    IMPORTANT: Do not allow this cover to come into direct contact with hot exhausts, engine parts or sharp objects


    The following sizes are approximate, as the covers are shaped:-

    • Scooter 203cm (Length) X 83cm (Width) X 119cm (Height)
    • Medium 229cm (Length) X 99cm (Width) X 125cm (Height)
    • Large 246cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 127cm (Height)
    • X-Large 277cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 141cm (Height)
    • MP3 220cm (length) X 77.5cm (Width) X 92cm (Height)
    • High-screen 203cm (Length) X 83cm (Width) X 80cm (Height)