Oxford Products Zero-G Lite Stand

Product Code: 84cdac93-6882-5819-7fb6-f2961470550b
  • ZERO-G paddock stands cater for all kind of bikes - including those with single-sided swing arms - and preferences, such as a choice of fork or headstock mounted front stands.

    All of our paddock stands are engineered using the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling techniques. By being scientifically designed to minimise the required effort to move a given load, our new ZERO-G range of paddock stands literally take the weight off. Even better, they are able to do this without weighing too much themselves, making them even easier to use and live with.

    If you are dashing up and down the pitlane, you'll probably choose our aluminium ZERO-G LITE stands for their minimal 4kg weight.

    The lightweight aluminium construction of this front paddock stand, heavy duty fasteners and oversized base for increased stability combine to make this product pitlane perfection.

    Key Features

    • Aerospace 6063-T5 grade aluminium
    • Square tubing to prevent rotation
    • Angled handle for more leverage and a controlled lift
    • Included: Bobbin lifting forks (rear)
    • Fork lock-off screws for secure fitment
    • Robot welded for high build quality and consistency
    • Heavy duty fasteners
    • Oversized base for increased stability
    • Max load: 300kg
    • Stand weight: 4kg
    • Lift height: 300mm (pin centre)