Snowmobile Clothing

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To take full advantage of the joys of winter, and especially of activities like snowmobiling, wearing adequate clothing is a priority! By wearing good-quality snowmobile clothing, you ensure both your comfort and safety by avoiding getting sick.

For entire days of enjoyment on your snowmobile without catching a cold, Maximum Powersports clothing is there for you! We have all you need to face the freezing temperatures of winter.

Since winter temperatures are always full of surprises, it is always better to anticipate by selecting clothing adapted to all circumstances. Among our products, you will not only find warm clothing, but also several heated clothing options! 

This way, you will never be caught unprepared by temperatures that are colder than you thought. For instance, our heated clothing range includes shirts and undergarments that transfer heat to strategic areas. We also have heated socks that go up to your calves.

Moving and being warm often also means sweating! Fortunately, with our snowmobile clothing, you can take advantage of technologies that wick off moisture and keep you both warm and dry. We have clothing from the Mobile Warming brand, well known for the comfort it offers.  

The same brand also offers fleece-lined winter jackets that warm up your chest and back. Moreover, these jackets protect you against wind, rain and water, ensuring pleasant getaways.

Our available undergarments cover both the lower half of the body, with underpants, and the upper half, with long sleeves. Designed with flexible material, our undergarments allow you to have all the freedom of movement you need to ride your Ski-Doo.

Of course, you also need tuques and snowsuits if you want to be ready for your winter activities! You will find all you need among our snowmobile accessories as well as our Ski-Doo monosuits.

For that matter, many of our snowmobile clothes are also perfect for other winter activities! Regardless of your needs and favourite sports, our snowmobile accessories store has a large number of items that put the emphasis on comfort and quality.
Order our clothing and accessories online, or come and try them in store at Hawkesbury, close to Prescott and Russell! Our passionate team will be happy to help you if needed.